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Do You Think You Know How to Cook Steak? These 5 Myths Will Blow Your Mind!

Do You Think You Know How to Cook Steak? These 5 Myths Will Blow Your Mind!

Jun 25, 2024

Rua Meats

There are many myths about cooking meat, just as there are countless steak recipes. Knowing the truth behind these myths can not only help you cook steak perfectly but also improve your overall cooking skills. Here are some common myths and the real facts:


Myth 1: Always Bring Meat to Room Temperature Before Cooking

Reality: You might have heard that you should let meat sit out for 20 to 30 minutes before cooking to help it cook more evenly. However, the temperature of the meat only rises by about 1 or 2 degrees Fahrenheit during this time, which doesn’t make much of a difference in cooking. So, you can skip this step.


Myth 2: Salt Meat Just Before Cooking to Avoid Drying it Out

Reality: Some people say salting meat right before cooking draws out moisture and makes it tough. But if you salt your meat well ahead of time, like 24 hours before cooking, it actually helps the meat hold onto its juices and enhances the flavor.


Myth 3: Searing Meat Seals in Juices

Reality: Although searing meat gives it a nice crust and flavor, it doesn’t seal in the juices as many believe. Searing can actually make meat lose moisture. Letting the meat rest after cooking helps the juices distribute evenly.


Myth 4: Only Flip Your Steak Once While Cooking

Reality: Flipping your steak only once doesn't necessarily improve its crust or ensure even cooking. In fact, flipping it multiple times might actually help it cook more evenly and still get a good crust.


Myth 5: Use a Fork to Turn Meat

Reality: Turning meat with a fork can cause it to lose its juices. It's better to use tongs, which don’t pierce the meat and let the juices stay inside.


Understanding and avoiding these myths can really change the way you cook, leading to tastier results. Whether you're grilling, frying, or broiling, knowing the truth about these myths helps you cook better.